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Customized Video and Photo Booths

Our 4 step process enables us to go from concept to product deployment at breathtaking speed.

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Step 1: Choose your application

Step 2: Choose your enclosure

  • Fan Can Photo and Video Booth

    Fan Can!

    Our trademark Fan Cans deliver
    the perfect balance of style,
    function, and footprint. With
    stainless steel - trimmed graphics
    and an eye-catching shape, these
    booths are sure to draw the
    attention of your event attendees.

  • Fan Stage

    Stand out in the crowd!

    Perfect for large stadiums and
    convention halls, this configuration
    features two Fan Cans on a raised
    platform framed with aluminum
    truss, truss graphics, and a highly
    visible overhead monitor.

  • Fan Studio Booth

    Fan Studio!

    Perfect as a video karaoke
    recording studio or where a bit
    of privacy is desired, this
    enclosure offers 175 square feet
    of highly visible billboard space
    and a uniquely shaped window
    which piques the interest of all
    who walk by.

  • Fan Custom Booth

    Fan Custom!

    We incorporate our technology
    in any style custom enclosure
    designed, built, and fabricated
    for you. Leveraging our
    relationships with tradeshow
    exhibit design firms, we are your
    one-stop vendor for providing
    your custom video kiosk.

Step 3: Brand your experience

High-impact printed booth graphics

High-impact printed booth graphics

Colorful, vivid printed graphics provide a highly visible, brand-promoting “billboard.”

Animated attract loop

Animated attract loop

Custom branded animated video loop is used to pique user interest when the booths and kiosks are not in use.

Touch screen interface

Touch screen interface

Intuitive, branded touch screen interface enables users to quickly and easily record, take and share videos and photos.

Professionally recorded voice over

Professionally recorded voice over

Mirrors on-screen instructions to easily guide user through the recording process.

Photo borders

Photo borders

Users choose from one of six unique, custom designed photo borders which feature your company brand and event theme.

Branded web viewing page

Branded web viewing page

Users view and share their video or photo through social media and also view your website from here.

Step 4: Deploy and activate

Activate booth Deploy booth around the world

Brand Image Productions video booths and photo booths and kiosks are delivered to your event location in custom designed road cases and are designed to be installed and managed by a one of our technicians or by your event staff should you choose. Video booth and photo booth packages include the following IT capabilities and support:

Conventional power and standard internet Conventional power and standard internet connections

Broadband and cellular support Optional broadband cellular support when there is no internet access

Training video Training video demonstrating the set up and break down process

Field technician Optional field technician on site

Phone support Phone support available throughout deployment with remote booth support access

Secure, fault-tolerant storage Secure, fault-tolerant storage of all your user-generated content in our datacenters

Complete set of spares included Complete set of spares shipped with booth for the unlikely event of a component failure

Post event metrics Post event metrics, including a complete account of the number of views each video or photo received

Additional Services

Additional services Additional services

Video and photo moderation - screening service to ensure all content meets your demanding standards and represents your brand as intended (we offer as a service or user can do themselves)

Watermarking - your logo appears as a watermark on video and photos

Gallery services - a custom branded photo and video gallery display of selected videos and photos

Contest platform - engage your social media audience by running a web based video or photo contest

Photo mosaic - create and display an eye-catching photo mosaic in real time at your event

“Brand Image Productions are a fantastic working partner. In an extremely timely manner, they delivered exceptional results and greatly enhanced our event. They customized their software and branded their booths to give our clients a customized experience. I look forward to working them in the future and recommend them highly. They are highly responsive and greatly attentive to details in setup, delivery and execution” - BlueprintNYC / Astra Zeneca